Autonomous Cars

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Ethical reasons

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By having autonomous cars, it means that authorities will not have t focus on people breaking road rules as these rules will not get broken because the cars will be travelling automatically. However there are some down sides and that is that certain people may be able to hack into your car and control it, therefore making it do exactly what they want it to do. E.G. Stop in the middle of a road etc.


By having autonomous cars, there will be no point for people to have their license which than takes a lot of freedom away from these people, especially the ones who are young adults as they rely on having their own car and license as a status to create conversation as well as to represent them being adults.


By having autonomous cars, there will be less oution therefore less of an impact on the environment as the cars will be using less energy which therefore will create less pollution and make the environment safer and better for future generations.


If a person runs out in front of the car and there is no time for the car to stop, will the autonomous car hit the person, or drive to the side of the road killing the person in the car. Should cars get to decide this? Many people disagree that a car should be able to decide what persons dies which is where a lot of the controversy for autonomous cars occurs. Other people argue that by having autonomous cars, no one will have to make this decision.