Autonomous Cars

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For Against
81 percent of car crashes are the result of human error, computers would take a lot of danger out of the equation entirely • The engineering, power and computer requirements, software, and sensors add up to more than $100,000
• Computers use complicated algorithms to determine appropriate stopping times, distance from another vehicle and other data which decreases the chance of car crashes • The very security behind self-driving cars would be a major obstacle, especially because the technology would be of very high interest to hackers
• Self-driving cars in large number participate in a behavior known as multi-tasking, which would significantly improve traffic conditions and congestion • In order for a computer to operate a vehicle, a lot of information would have to be stored on the software located in the car. Somethings that are concerning about the opportunity for a computer built into the self-driving car to collect personal data
• Multi-tasking would help to reduce commute times for drivers in high-traffic areas but also to minimize on gasoline usage • If other technology fails, such as traffic signals that the cars rely on, the cars will have trouble navigating. In the event of an accident, for example, where a police officer is directing traffic, the cars cannot interpret human signals.
• Since the computers calculate operation of the vehicle safely, driving time could be reduced by faster speeds allowed on the road
• Parking scarcity would be resolved, as the car could drop off passengers, park far away and then return to pick them up whenever it is required
• There would be a better management of traffic, which would be monitored over a controlled system